Getting to Know English


Getting to Know English


Welcome to this virtual space where you will find different activities to support your learning process.




65 comentarios en “Getting to Know English”

    1. I was born on March 30th 1983 in Bogotá. I have studied English during 5 years and I love it. I studied at the Institute Meyer, Colombo Americano. Now, I want to have my career for to have better working, news opportunity, more money, as well as travelling, and knowing others cultures.
      Maybe, I will teach it, but personalized and in a future.
      I live with my daughter, brother, sister, my pet, and mom.

      1. Hi teacher.
        I’ll talk about my last vacations, Was in tocaima with my boyfriend and some friends, Was for 4 days I think I don’t remember very well.
        we were eating so much for the park center, It’s a place very hot but, Very nice. We were swimming all time in the afternoon, in the night we were to dance in a bar. The travel was very funny I was very happy all the time. It’s in this moment my favorite trip. 😀

    1. Leave me alone. I’m not kidding, Yodel Odie.

      Pop a worm pill and hit the road. I’m busy.

      You want to play? Fine. you can be my new astronaut.

      Go jump in the pail.

      And we’ll shoot you into outer space. c’mon, it’s real simple.


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